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Personalised performance coaching for endurance athletes. Training is not rocket science. We focus on cultivating the essential foundational elements that form the backbone of athletic success. By instilling these key building blocks, we pave the way for you to experience sustained and meaningful progress, and to truly thrive in your chosen sport.

Cameron and Adam began Trilogy Training when they realised that not enough emphasis is given to the basic building blocks of fitness and training. In the never ending search for more speed many ignore the simple habits that help people reach their goals. Together they share a common vision and a passion for helping triathletes and endurance athletes attain their desired level of performance in swimming, cycling and running.

Between them Cameron and Adam have competed at multiple age group European and World championships and even hold two age group European Championship titles. They have competed across all disciplines and distances. In recent years their triathlon seasons have focused on long distance events. Both have had success in achieving Ironman World Championship qualification. 

Having competed for so many years as age group athletes, they have a deep understanding of the need of high performing age group triathletes. This is an area of coaching that Trilogy Training specialises and has expertise. Adam resides in Switzerland and Cameron in Spain so they also specialise in the coaching needs of expats. Whether that’s in Europe or any other continent, they can help.    

Cameron has a background in sport science with a degree from Edinburgh University and has always found how the human body works during exercise fascinating. 


Adam has self coached himself from bicycle commuter to Ironman World Championship qualifier and Kona finisher. Learning all the way. With a love for how all aspects of triathlon slot together to create a performance. Adam is an IRONMAN Certified Coach.


Adam and Cameron have successfully coached all ages and abilities. First time marathon runners, age group triathletes achieving podiums at European Championships, seen PB's smashed for 10k's and half marathons and prepared individuals to take on epic endurance challenges such as the Raid Pyrenees.  

At Trilogy Training we pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity. Honest and upfront at all times, maintain a strong moral compass and lead by example. All egos are checked at the door, coaches and athletes alike. Our aim is to work in a positive and enthusiastic way to lift others. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.


Having said that, we always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. We celebrate successes, enjoy a post-race party and have fun. It's incredibly cliché, but there is no point doing it if it’s not fun.  

If you're interested in hearing more or think we would be a good coaching match with your values then please get in touch here and book a free consultation.

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