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For more information on our plans and pricing please contact

We understand that every athlete has unique requirements, therefore, we offer a variety of pricing options and are committed to helping you identify the features that align with your specific needs.

Here are some examples of the features in our monthly packages. 


- Initial consultation

- Free Train Xhale or Training Peaks account

- Regular catch ups via video call

- Regular analysis, feedback and coaching tips within the chosen training software

- Stability and movement screenings

- Tailored strength and conditioning sessions based on stability and movement screenings

- Swim, bike and run video analysis

- Tailored hydration and fuelling plans

- Priority booking for training camps

- Trilogy Training branded T-shirts

- Equipment advice

- Advice on race planning

Monthly packages can be cancelled at any time (as of the end of the month). 

If you have a big event in mind, perhaps an Ironman or multi-day cycling trip, then we can also put together a one off coaching package for a defined period rather than a monthly fee.   

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